The Intentionality of a Venture Capitalist

Who was I in my freshman year? What was driving me from meeting to meeting, class to class? From what I remember, after the disaster that was my final year of high school, I wanted to get my life together and regain some sense of control, which I haven’t found until now. Today, as a junior moving into tech and venture capital, I realize why it took so long for me to get arrive at a place of balance. I lacked intentionality. Intentionality is not only beneficial to daily life, but also life as Venture Capitalist.

I have learned that VCs meet so many founders, so many companies, but to encounter that unicorn company, they must be critical and intentional. A VC is intentional as they chose companies based on their investment thesis, their reasoned argument for a particular investment strategy, backed up by research and analysis. Sometimes, like in the case of Jeremy Liew, Snapchat’s first investor, you have to actively pursue and do some real digging to get a the jump on a good deal.

As someone learning the world of VC and startups, I am being intentional about what I learn and the connections I build, starting with HBCUvc and this book:

Build self-awareness. Stay focused. Be intentional.

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